Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deathwing Sector Ipoh - Part 1

About time to do some little expansion to my Dark Angels Ravenwing by introducing them to some friends from the 1st Company, the Deathwing.

First Squad of Deathwing Knights

First Squad of Deathwing Terminators
All made from these two boxes of Terminators

The integration of these two kits are marvelous as you can say. If you purely want to make Knights then the Deathwing pack is the only way to go. Making the Deathwing Terminators is another story add another pack of vanilla Terminators and you are already on your way. The parts being bashed are the chest pieces from the Deathwing kit, armour rear pieces, the legs from both kits, some storm bolter hands, helmets and Crux Terminus badge.

Let's begin with the fundamental build of the Terminators, the torso and legs. The rear piece of the torso can be fitted quite well with the Deathwing front pieces with all the Deathwing blings. The completed torso can be easily fitted onto both the Deathwing and vanilla Terminator legs. Some of my Knights are given the normal Terminator Legs since the torso has so many Deathwing bling.

From Left: Knight with Normal Termie legs, Cyclone Termine with Normal Termie legs and Sergeant with Deathwing Legs

Next is question is the Crux Terminus (Terminator Honours Badge). Although the badges from the vanilla Terminators are larger than the Deathwing's, the slot in is just as good as it looks. Most importantly that the badges are at the correct side of the model.

From Left: Deathwing Knight with Deathwing Kit Badge, two on the right uses the normal Terminator's

The also give you extra bits for Deathwing Knights and Terminators
Finally are the Storm Bolter hands that both kits come with. Although Dark Angels liked the magazine fed version, the drum is also not all that bad but it just do not have the Deathwing icons on the Storm Bolter (it doesn't matter to me so long it is a Storm Bolter)

Doen't really matter to me...... Still a Storm Bolter
And here is a little side project that I have to fill up the ranks of Dark Angels as I was a little bored and messing around with my extra bits and pieces.

Tactical Squads, this is something I don't always do

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  1. At least you have maintained a consistent interest in getting your Dark Angels army up and running. As for myself, apart from a Chaos and Ork army ... it looks like most if not all of my Dark Angel minis (all of which come from the Dark Vengeance set) will be up for sale (second-hand) to generate funds for paints. :)