Sunday, September 28, 2014

Deathwing Sector Ipoh - Part 2

Finally got my first squad of Deathwing painted and ready to show

My First Squad of Terminators in my Dark Angels and overall collection

WIP: Deathwing Knights partially done

This is made possible with my latest arsenal in my tool box, an Air Brush, Mr. Hobby White Surfacer 1000 and Mr Hobby Flat Black, all these to prime my stuff in no time, and minimal cost compared to can sprays.

Airbrush makes my day, looks like time to have another Baneblade chassis
I think I better continue with the Deathwing Knights, they shall take a lot of time to make them look awesome. Also I'm also forgetting someone......

Belial, Grandmaster of Deathwing.
Deathwing will not be complete without him.

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