Saturday, August 2, 2014

My first Super Heavy - Part 2

The diaries continues......

30th July 2014 & 31st July 2014
I've put in most of the metallic colours in, especially the tank tracks, the barrels, smokes, exhaust, gun barrels and stuff like that and touched up more green, not much has progressed as fatigue builds up on a weekday faster.

30th July 2014 - OH! The metallic parts.

31st July 2014 - Mr. Drive Me Closer is now being coloured

1st Aug 2014
This is about 90% complete, with most of the parts being covered which is of presentable quality. There is more to be done like the squadron markings, paint chips, weathering and stuff like that but here are some highlights of the progress.

90% complete. The Machine Spirit is strong in this one!

Mr. Drive Me Closer in his full glory

The Stubber Man

The Mechanicus Shrine at the rear of the Chassis

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  1. Very impressive so far ... looking forward to seeing it complete!