Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My first Super-Heavy - Part 1

And so the previous post is the prelude to my first Super-Heavy plus another 3 Hellhounds and 3 Leman Russ that you all have seen it very frequently in any engagements against me so I'm not going to cover those. Here is a short diary from the day I've owned it until completion

27th July 2014
I've coughed up quite the upfront to have the kit, I do thank Derek for allowing me the honour of owning the kit that is so awesome with an upfront, guess I'll be eating roti for the next two months (just kidding, I've planned for it).

Armour has arrived
As usual as an eager beaver, I've cracked open the box and started assembling the biggest stuff I see, the Baneblade/Hellhammer (I thought I could build a Shadowsword, the one with the D-weapon with this kit but still I'm not disappointed with the purchase)

The crazed Tech Magos goes to work right away.
I told myself it would require me about 8 hours collectively to complete assembling this monstrosity. So after about 3.5 hours that day, this is what I've came up with......

The Machine Spirit is pleased with the progress

28 July 2014
I've continued assembling the Baneblade/Hellhammer kit and to my surprise the difference is the interchangeable turret, so I decided to magnetize the turret but the side sponson weapon shall be as it is. The next fun part is putting on the tank commander and this struck me......

The butt of all jokes
So to honour whoever gave me this idea, I've put something up to please myself and of course give a laugh to those around me and here it goes......

I just have to do it, although not the same as the poster
Assembling the turret, glue up every hull and track pieces minus the muzzle and the antennas at the back takes another 3 hours of my time

So this is how it turns out after 3 hours of fiddling around plus the tank commander
29th July 2014
Finally I've completed the assembly and have it primed black. Since there is a game with my usual partner, I've decided to give it a go on the Hellhammer variant on a Stronghold Assault Breakthrough Mission with the Hellhammer @ 2000 points which I will cover on another post but painting comes first! Only in this post.

After priming it black and base coat of green. The Machine Spirit is satisfied with the results

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