Thursday, July 31, 2014

First run with Hellhammer and Stronghold Assault

As I was prepping up my Hellhammer for more pretty colours, my usual sparring partner wants a Stronghold Assault game playing using the Breakthorugh Mission @ 2000 points and my list goes like this. WYSIWYG

Company Command Squad
Commander with Plasma Pistol and Carapace Armour
Veterans with Regimental Standard, 3 Plasmaguns and Carapace Armour
Astropath as Regimental Advisor only
Chimera Armoured Transport

Tank Commander
Knight Commander Pask on LR Vanquisher with Lascannon
LR Vanquisher with Lascannon

2 Veterans Squads
Grenadiers, 3 Meltaguns and Chimera

Heavy Support
2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks with full Heavy Bolters in a Single Squadron

Lord of War
Hellhammer with 1 pair of Sponson (Lascannon and Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter) plus Heavy Stubber

While I am up against a list of this nature using proxies (look at the dizzying amount of Lascannons here)

Chief Librarian Tigrus
Captain with Artificer Armour and Relic Blade

Ironclad Dreadnought with Hurricane Bolters, Seisemic Hammer (meltagun included), and 2 HKMs + Drop Pod
Venerable Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Lascannon

5-man Scouts with Bolters
2 units of 5-man Tactical Marines

Heavy Support
2 units of 5-man Devastator with 4 Lascannons
1 Predator with Twin-Linked Lascannon only
1 Land Raider (vanilla version)

Imperial Knight Allies
Knight Errant with Melta Cannon

Imperial Strongpoint
2 Bastions and 3 Aegis Defence Lines with 1 Icarus Lascannon and 3 Quad Guns

Here are some highlights of the game

Hellhammer move into position to unleash hell.
Sorry for the bad photo quality.
I think is the photographer's hand shaking in excitement
Turn 1
Hellhammer send some tacticals (almost took Tigrus and Capt together) and shaking the Land Raider with some heavy ordnance from the Hellhammer. Pask Squadron deals minor damage to Knight, Leman Russ crack more tactical punishment.

First Hellhammer blasting
Drop pod attempt to deep strike behind the lines of the approaching armour but scatter off table, misplaced and I have to just place it right in front of the Knight. Hellhammer lost a hull point from Lascannon barrage. Chimeras being ignored......

Turn 2
Hellhammer moved forward for more carnage, killing even more tacticals and scouts this time and as usual give a shake to the Land Raider. Pask squadron continued put more dents into the Knights hull.

Knight move into position to pummel the Hellhammer, all big guns and no scratch. More lascannon rudeness ensued and pummel the Hellhamer to 4 hull points remaining. Hunter-Killer shower and all miss against the Command Squad Chimera. Veteran Chimeras being ignored as usual. Leman Russ were also ignored.

Turn 3
Hellhammer unleashed hell against the Devastators with the ruthless fire of the Hellhammer Cannon scattering most the devastator with some extra weapons, and the Demolisher shell as usual for the Land Raider and shaking it again. Battle Tanks directly hit devastator on a bastion top and kill them all in one go. Chimeras moved into position to deal some serious butt on the Predator.

More lascannon rudeness and melta cannon blast from the knight nail the Hellhammer down to its last hull point. Quad Gun barrage on the Chimera and survives the ordeal with 1 hull point nailed off.

Turn 4
With nothing else to lose, the Hellhammer pressed forward for a ramming move against the Land Raider to no avail (even with Thunderblitz and roll a 1) and continued with more gun-ishment from the Hellhammer killing the Land Raider even. Pask and friends pummeled more shots on the Knight with 2 Hull Points remaining.

Hilarity ensues, with Devastators being devastated, not much damage can be done on the Hellhammer, he decided to give the Knight a go on assaulting the Hellhammer after not able to whoop down the Hellhammer behind a ruin. Whooping it with a D weapon, the Hellhammer exploded with a D-blast on the Knight, and another D-blast from the Knight after losing the last 2 Hull Points.

Turn 5
The Chimera pushed forward for a Linebreaker with 2 VP in the pocket by leaving the table. Veterans go play with the Predator and shook it around and abit. The Leman Russ Battle Tanks scatter the remaining Devastator Squads and now my armour reign supreme with the absence of anti-tank firepower. Pask go nothing better to do than to harass the Ironclad Dreadnought.

Capt and Tigrus harass some veterans, Ironclad moved forward while the Predator attempts more shots against the Command Chimera.

Turn 6 and 7
Nothing eventful as there are not much left for me to kill and not much left that he can kill with his kind of firepower. 

So with him 6 points (capping 1 objective only worth 3pts plus killing of my Hellhammer is 3pts)
Me with 11 points (Linebreaker 2 points, empty Chimera off the table 2 points, Chimera with Troops and Primaris Psyker is 6 points plus 1 point for First Blood)

Thoughts on the game
Sure a Super-Heavy is a good addition but it will attract a lot (I mean hell lot) of anti-tank firepower. So the key is finding a way to minimize exposure to anti-tank firepower which I quite inept in doing it after being labelled as the "Tread Head of Ipoh" (maybe tanks are not for hiding them).

I do have to second the statement by another fellow wargamer, the author of the blog Red Imperium on choosing a Super-Heavy. Hellhammer by far is the most practical Super-Heavy for a 6' by 4' game as the main cannon can cover most of the table corners when well-placed compared to the Baneblade which has a weapon mismatch problem (Demolisher Cannon, I'm looking at you)

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