Saturday, May 10, 2014

Been a little busy lately?

Yup, my shipment from GW has been always anticipated with this time a whole bunch of stuff coming in for me, Knight Commander Pask, Primaris Psyker, Techpriest, Gunnery Sergeant Harker and Deathwatch Conversion Kits. While my buddy Derek ordered the same thing minus Harker and Deathwatch.

A wonderful hobby night at home!
And gladly they throw in another Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain for orders above £60 in on single shipment so have thought it would make a good 10th Company Captain for my Dark Angels Scouts.
Dark Angels Master of Recruits

With that captain, comes another systematic poisoning, another Web Exclusive Space Marine Captain in a ticket. And yes, as an eager beaver I ordered it with some other items
Systematic poisoning in a ticket, ABC (Another Bloody Captain) :p

As for those in Deathwatch, time to have a miniature of you in the game to best represent your character.

Finally actually get the Deathwatch Conversion Kit for the boltguns and shoulder pads

Brother Vignar (Space Wolves, Long Fang)
Brother Djbrael (Dark Angels, Tactical)
Brother Obnoxious (Ultramarines, Tactical)
Brother Crassius (Ultramarines, Apothercary)

Back to the Astra Militarum front, the Machine Spirits, the Warp, the Tank Ace and a guy with a big honking gun has kept me excited for a few hours of assembly and cleaning up.

Techpriest, Primaris Psyker and Gunnery Sergeant Harker
Knight Commander Pask, coin for size comparison

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