Saturday, March 29, 2014

Astra Militarum, Militarum Tempestus...... hmmm......

So Games Workshop has decided to "rebrand" Imperial Guard into Astra Militarum. Name sounds "meh", like what typical Malaysians say "Not enough Umph!". They are still Imperial Guard to me regardless, it sounds much cooler, more regal, more "Umph" in a way. But what are the changes they could make to the codex is all left that I have to wait.
The alleged cover for Codex: Imperi...... ehem Astra Militarum
Moving on to another release the Codex: Militarum Tempestus. Wait what! A codex for the graduates of Schola Progenium. They were once part of the Codex: Imperial Guard as Storm Troopers and Commissars, now they kinda what to form their own club of their own if their own stuff, flavor and such.

Codex: Storm Troopers a.k.a. Militarum Tempestus

So still fielding a whole army of humans clad in Carapace with power armour punching hot shots, the "glory toy boys" really have grown up. At 14 points per person, that is an equivalent of a Space Marine. Let see how a Space Marine and a Scion would fare in a shootout out in the open using their standard issue weapons only (special weapon may skew results)

Space Marine shoots and Tempestus Scion using a Boltgun (3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, and a 4+ armour to ignore the wound) scores a 22.4% chance of hit, wound and the scion would fail an armour save.

Tempestus shoots Space Marine with a Hot-Shot Lasgun (3+ to hit, 5+ to wound and no armour save due to AP3 weapon) also scores a 22.4% chance of hit, wound and pop a marine's head in a clean blow.

Mathematically speaking not much in shooting how about close combat ability.

Space Marine whacks a Scion using his fist (3+ to hit, 3+ to wound, and a 4+ armour save) still gives you a 22.4% chance to hit, wound and the scion fails the armour save.

Scion pokes the Space Marine with a twig (4+ to hit, 5+ to wound and a 3+ armour save) gives you a measly 5.5% chance of hit, wound and the Space Marine expose his weakness to a twig.

The ability to Deep Strike and Move Through Cover is just tactical flexibility (which is something I like) while Space Marines have better board presence due to ATSKNF* and extra things like Chapter Tactics to kick up their combat ability to a certain extent. But it gives you a good picture on what they does best on an individual level.

Second on the list is the Taurox and Taurox Prime.

Humvee for the Imperial Guard?

As an Imperial Guard player, I would still keep my Chimera for good reasons being:
1. One extra weapon
2. One extra point for front armour
3. Five firing points from the Chimera
All that for an extra 5 points. Will they bump up the points for Chimera? We have to wait and see.

Sure the Taurox Prime have all the awesome cool weapons and BS4 to boot, but still could not beat the resilience of the Chimera. However, it looks like a model to paint but I'm holding on to my cash for the real deal, the Imper...... ehm Astra Militarum which I have such strong feelings for.

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