Monday, February 3, 2014

Journey into Naggaroth - Chapter 3 - The Cold One Club and some upcoming......

This post is surely overdue for one is Chinese New Year, thus a reason for me to slack of some painting but there is still some progress on the Black Ark Corsairs and some monsters, details at the end of this post

Without further ado, I shall introduce you all the members of the Cold One Club, in order to be a member of the Cold One Club, you would need to own at least one Cold One (either ridden ones or drawing a chariot would do)

Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariot

Cold One Chariot, how cool can it go?
The Chariot is being one of the most challenging models I've ever painted, throughout my painting history 5 years ago. The details, the layers and finally pulled this one off with not much problems (at least presentable on the gaming table, mind you)

The extra kit of Cold One Knights are added into the mix for a more own touch on top of the Warhost of Naggaroth box set (it's a total bargain), and also to make Malus Darkblade which is actually totally worth it.

Malus Darkblade and "Personal Bodyguard"

The Original Cold One Knights

This one is on the side, "The Cold Blooded One" (still have the "Cold" and "One"), Shadowblade (or any typical Khainite Assasin). This model was bought, assembled and painted (at least the person in question) within 24 hours after purchasing it from Neo-Plamo. More details will be added into it

Coming soon to you on Journey into Naggaroth. The raiders of the Savage Seas has been sighted, almost near completion (see, I wasn't that tardy after all). Along with them are the tower guards at the gates of Naggaroth.

Crossbows at the ready! Darkshard of my own making.

YAR! Elf pirates, how cool can you get?
Not forgetting my first few MONSTAS! Bought last month for my lord on monsters collection should my army hit 3000 points.

Purchases in Neo-Plamo made last month.
Chaos Lord on Manticore? I just want the Manticore.

And as usual my eager beaver instinct kicks in, assembly and priming and here how it looks like. So far the ridden monsters are on prototyping stage, I have to wait until my extra bits come in.

The Lock and Stock, Bona Fide Black Dragon from the kit

Chaos Lord on Manticore? Not anymore!

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