Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Miniature Wargamer's guide to the Chinese Zodiacs

Since it is the Chinese New Year, everybody start to sound like feng-shui master when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. As you well know how the 12 zodiacs represents in WFB or models in the WH40k universe. Let's start with the first one. Starting from the Rat

1. Rat
Should I call Year of the Skaven......

The Chinese did not see this coming to them.

2. Ox
WFB don't really have ox model but something close to it. On two legs!
A good representation for Ox, the Minotaurs

3. Tiger
I guess GW did not put such a creature in the franchise itself, but how about something close to a tiger. I shall settle with some lions.
Okay, okay it is a lion but I'm settling for something closer to a tiger at least.

4. Hare/Rabbit
REALLY! Rabbits go into battle...... I guess GW left this out (for obvious reasons). 

You all have to settle for this, I'm skipping this out too

5. Dragon
Very iconic creature in WFB, need not to explain any further......
High Elves version of their Dragon
Dark Elves version of their Dragon

6. Snake
If you refer to a one headed snake, there are none. But if you talk about many headed ones, the Hydra!

Too many heads!

Or someone with a bad hair day
Bloodwrack Medusa, talking about a bad hair day......

7. Horse (This year)
The Empire have horses, Bretonnia have even more horses,the elves have their even faster horses, Warriors of Chaos have their crazy horses. Wait, Beastmen...... some of them are horses themselves. LOL!

Beastmen Centigors, horses themselves, in a sense.

Bretonnian Knight Errants, original flavored horses
Dark Elves Doomfire Warlocks, magical flavored horses
High Elves Silver Helms, shiny coated horses
Vampire Counts Blackguards, boney horses
Last but not least, Warriors of Chaos Knights, horses with some badass attitude

8. Goat
Can I settle with a mountain goat that walks on two legs?
Beastmen gets even more coverage for this post. 

9. Monkey
WFB do not have monkeys as far as I could remember. But wait, WH40k has one!
Jokaero Weaponsmith. The monkey in the pack.

10. Rooster
Chickening out is not our style. I'll show you what is a real CHICKEN! Okay there is not chicken or rooster for that matter. Still I settle for something close to it. (At least an animal with a beak, feathers, that flies and walk on two legs)
Emperor Karl Franz on Deathclaw (Griffon), very angry ones
Flamespyre Phoenix, very hot ones......

11. Dog
Hound is also a type of dog, right? Wolves also something like dog, right?
Vampire Counts Dire Wolves. Something like a dog, right?
Chaos Warhounds. Still something like dogs, right?

Flesh Hounds of Khorne. Still something close to a dog, right?

12. Boar
Luckily they did not put Pig! Finally orcs get their piece in the show.
Boar Boyz, Savage Boar Boyz...... Boars, boars, and more boars
Boars that draw a chariot. WOW never knew they could do that.

So that pretty much caps up the Chinese New Year with awesome feature of the Chinese Zodiac using GW products. Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse to everyone who reads this post.

Disclaimer: All photos taken from Games Workshop website. I'm not a store so should not be a problem at all for me to use their photos. After all it is good publicity to them that there are some Chinese dude out there is buying their suff.

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