Thursday, February 13, 2014

Journey into Naggaroth - Chapter 4 - Dragons abound!

As on the sneak peek on the last post and finally the Dragon is completed

Another pride and soul as a collector of a Dark Elf Army
The dragon is one of the most majestic model I ever had which I really wanted to make it look good even on display with a of course a certain criteria to make, effort and skill. So to take a close up on some aspects of the techniques employed to the model.

As drybrushed rock, simple as it is. Looks good on its own
The wood is a good coat of Army Painter Leather Brown, drybrushed with Rhinox Hide and a light coat of Black washer
The top wing, wash blending and toning. One layer of grey and wash.
The dark parts are done with more layers of wash and being dragged along the wing.
Underside of the wing. Uses the similar method as the under wing.
The underscale of the dragon is just paint and one strong layer of wash, simple as it is
A lot of detail on the Dreadlord, this guy is only mounted with Blu-Tac only
Well time to work on my infantry now, being left out quite a while on the Warhost of Naggaroth kit. Wait I have another one, the Manticore.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Miniature Wargamer's guide to the Chinese Zodiacs

Since it is the Chinese New Year, everybody start to sound like feng-shui master when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. As you well know how the 12 zodiacs represents in WFB or models in the WH40k universe. Let's start with the first one. Starting from the Rat

1. Rat
Should I call Year of the Skaven......

The Chinese did not see this coming to them.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Journey into Naggaroth - Chapter 3 - The Cold One Club and some upcoming......

This post is surely overdue for one is Chinese New Year, thus a reason for me to slack of some painting but there is still some progress on the Black Ark Corsairs and some monsters, details at the end of this post

Without further ado, I shall introduce you all the members of the Cold One Club, in order to be a member of the Cold One Club, you would need to own at least one Cold One (either ridden ones or drawing a chariot would do)

Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariot