Monday, January 6, 2014

Journey into Naggaroth - Chapter 2 - Lords and Heroes of Naggaroth

Got the warhost, but you need someone awesome to lead the army. While not many model kits for Battle Standard Bearer for Dark Elves (unlike High Elves, they have a kit for Prince and Noble which can make lots of awesome stuff), so I have to improvise and this is what I can come out with.

The Lords and Heroes of my Warhost

First on display, my own interpretation of Malus Darkblade. So far the description on Sea Dragon Cloak, Warp Sword of Khaine (did not clearly show how it looks like, so long it's a sword), and his Cold One mount, Spite minus his armour plating. Majority from the Cold One Knight Kit, the cloak is taken from the Cold One Chariot extra bit which is supposed for the Beastmaster and the pointing hand from the Black Guard kit. Some green stuff putty to make the cloak more streamlined with the armor.

Malus Darkblade, pic taken from the front

Take a gander on the Sea Dragon Cloak

Secondly, another my own interpretation, this time Kouran Darkhand, captain of the Black Guard. All parts are taken from the Executioner/Black Guard set with a modified halberd with an Executioner Blade but the head is still from the Black Guard champion.

Kouran Blackhand, still a Black Guard but more badass

Next, a Battle Standard Bearer. Heavily converted and using tons of putty and time to make it happen. The front plate from the Black Guard Kit, the cloak, head and the standard from Black Ark Corsairs and finally the helmet crest from the Cold One Knight.

Spned a considerable amount of time with this, it pays off.
Thirdly is the Black Ark Fleetmaster, not really that I'm going to put him into battle, since it came with the box and it is a Lord choice mind you might as well I put it up on showcase

The new lord in town, not sure what is the use of this guy yet.

Forth which you have seen, my Sorceress (can be used as Supreme Sorceress). A lot of pressure in painting her. The first wargaming mini that I got that has breasts so is kinda "uplifting" when painting her. Not to the best of display but good enough on the table top.

Lets have a look again

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