Sunday, December 1, 2013

Road to Emperor's Fist Tank Company - Part 3 - The Parade of Arms

Lets start to put the arms to the parade and start the drum roll.

From Front: Formation Leader (Leman Russ Vanquisher),
1st Squadron (Leman Russ Executioners),
2nd Squadron (Leman Russ Battle Tanks),
3rd Squadron (Leman Russ Exterminators)
The 2nd and 3rd Squadron will be on display at Neo-Plamo, Ipoh for 2 weeks courtesy of the the shop's boss to hopefully better introduce the hobby game to the customers (Could have been the whole formation if not for the lack of space in one level of his display case). Not forgetting you guys in KL so hardcore about Apocalypse, I have a formation right here and waiting. All you have to do is fix a good date that I could join.

The completion of the Emperor's Fist Tank Company also marks the end of the crazy expansion of my Imperial Guard army (although there will be some purchases, especially the highly anticipated new Codex: Imperial Guard and their new kits here and there on March 2014).

It is now approaching 2014, it is time for me to venture into the Old World. My choices would either by the Scourge of Naggaroth or the Hunters of Lustria.

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