Sunday, December 8, 2013

Journey into Naggaroth - Prelude - The First Step

Instead of venturing into the lush forest of Lustria in search of stealthy lizards and deadly dinosaurs, or the high and pristine towers of Ulthuan which was previously explored, now the painter (more like gamer) has decided to be a permanent resident of Naggaroth.

While waiting for the biggest bulk to get the wheel turning for the Fantasy project so I took the liberty to get the Har Ganeth Executioners box set (also makes Black Guards) and the Sorceress plastic piece. That's all I bought from Neo-Plamo and I really wish that they brought in the items I wanted in one whole bulk. (That's the reason this is only a prelude)

First step into Dark Elves. Executioner kit and Sorceress

As usual being an eager beaver, I've started assembling them right away. The only issue I have is that every single black guard/executioner was posed the same way (more or less the same way), not like the White Lions of High Elves. My guess is the fluff of the Black Guards, stern and stoic warriors that serves only the Witch King...... thus the posing. However so that is not the reason for the Executioner to have the same fate. After all is GW plastic, the details as always are crazily awesome.

All assembled for the photo shoot and ready to be primed and painted

Since we are so much in the Christmas spirit, GW has released some special effects paint and the only thing that caught my attention is the Agrellan Earth a.k.a. "Basing Paint" (that's what I call it) so it claims that the paint will crack and create an arid surface for the base.

The so called "Basing Paint" that cracks when drying.
I've already have a 1500 points army in mind but I think I'll leave the rest to you guys to start guessing what kind of an army I would prepare.


  1. One involving Chimeras, Hydras and a Medusa,no doubt...

    1. That is called visiting the Zoo of Naggaroth

  2. The Sorceress is a very nice looking model.

    1. Agreed and a lot of pressure to paint it look good.