Saturday, December 21, 2013

Journey into Naggaroth - Prelude - The Black Guards and the Sorceress

Without waiting for my post on the arrival of the Warhost of Naggaroth box set which I will get it after Christmas for my "Christmas Shopping" plus everything I need to start of with my Dark Elves, so stay tuned. I'll just jump right into all that I have for my Dark Elves army.

Black Guards and the Sorceress

All painted, tested and proven to look good enough for the table top and tried out something that I usually not do in my painting but first up the review on the Agrellan Earth "Basing Paint". Just as what GW has claimed that it will crack while drying giving you an arid plain look and feel.

All based with Agrellan Earth here

Picked up a sample from the whole group and yes is the Champion, always the Champion

A little close up on the base to see the cracks and the accidental paints and the empty spots on the base
But I highly recommend that the base be painted on first prior to putting the mini on the base for firstly, it will look neat as the whole base will be covered with the paint and secondly is that you will not have accidents on the legs of your minis. In order to paint it nicely, you will need to create a "footprint" for the model like cover it up with some Blu-Tac and paint the whole lot with the paint, then you can glue on your mini should give you a better result.

Secondly is something I always want to try, paint blending. A technique quite widely used in Warhammer Fantasy minis so I gave it a try so far it works. I always look for some color blends that project the image of dark energies other than black so I've came up with dark purple and bright red. By mixing Army Painter Electric Blue plus Citadel Mephiston Red and some Abaddon Black to create that tone

The blending used in the Black Guards and the Sorceress. MAGNIFICENT
There is still more room to improve
In order to blend, you will have to paint the base color first, then blend from one end while the paint is still wet, by dragging the paint into another color slowly, so you will have some kind of interphase between the two colors some where in the middle. (I'm sorry that I do not have a pictorial guide for you guys, but maybe on my next post I shall put it up)

Next I'll be getting my crummy hands on all I need to startup my Dark Elves army plus some "booster packs"

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