Monday, December 30, 2013

Journey into Naggaroth - Chapter 1 - Warhost Assemble!

On the Friday, 27th December, the ultimate shipment of this year has arrived, my "All you need to start up a Dark Elves Army" consists of 1 box of Warhost of Naggaroth (contains 1 Black Ark Fleetmaster, 20 Black Ark Corsairs, 20 Darkshards/Dreadspears/Bleakswords, 5 Cold One Knights and 1 Cold One Chariot), Battle Magic Cards and Dark Elves Battle Magic Cards and not forgetting the Dark Elves Armybook.

The big haul, pic taken at home, not much space in where I bunk in

I appreciate the efforts by the proprietor of Wira Hobbies and Games to keep my stock in reserve until the day I come to pick it up for that period of time (two weeks approx.) and keep the travelling customer satisfied with the wait and the travelling time (mind you it was a 2 hours and 30 mins drive, non-stop BTW)

The Warhost of Naggaroth completed on 29th Dec 2013 at Wira Hobbies and Games

Although the pics taken are at a different location, but just want to show you the components of the box after being assembled. All these components are assembled in Wira Hobbies and Games

Cold One Knights, one of the coolest model sets you can get from the pack

Black Ark Cosairs, took me quite some time to line them up

Cold One Chariot, two cool one lizards

Darkshards, the easiest of all the models to line them up

Black Ark Fleetmaster, the new Lord in town

If you ever thinking of owning this box, it is a total DEAL. It costs 100 GBP (RM570 approx) for the box while buying them piece meal is about 120 GBP (RM670 approx) which gives you a 20 GBP savings (about RM100). Secondly, it is a totally legal to play army at 880 points without fancy upgrades e.g. magic items and such, and WYSIWYG with the champions of each warband. Having said that I have "booster" boxes to stretch my army to 1500 points.

So to cap this year of hobbying, painting, and all the glued up fingers. HAPPY NEW YEAR and may your gaming dice stay true to you, painting hand stay steady and glued models stay firm.

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