Saturday, November 2, 2013

Giving a new lease of paint 2

By decree of the Departmento Minitorum, all Chimera Armored Transport and all Leman Russ chassis of the 121st Cadian-Catachan Combined Regiment shall undergo the Rites of Dettol, the cleansing of paint using Dettol, a common anti wound corruption liquid used by any household within the Imperium of Mankind. Although  is being sanctified by Dettol, over exposure to this liquid will cause skin to be corrupted akin to Nurgle's Gift but is a gift from the Apothecary.

Oh, the corruption on my skin. (Requires a zoom for a better look)
Some results after the Rites of Dettol

Such results are pretty much called for as Dettol is known to effectively reduce paint but did not notice that it will turn to to some sticky goop upon exposure to water, makes handling a little tricky. Need not mention the smell of Dettol that could potentially raise concern among the hab complex's resident's parents over such heavy usage of Dettol.

The Rites of Repainting shall be written in the procedures of the Departmento Minitorum based on the outcome of the painting and the price of the paints. The first one will be Krylon Fusion for Plastic, available in ACE Hardware at RM35.00 per 340g of paint (12 oz. of paint), it is made sure that the finish should be satin or matte which is written on the label, this comes in a good variety of colours. The second one is The Army Painter Series priced at RM60.00 in a 400ml can (about 14 oz of paint) which guarentees a matte finish.

Krylon vs. The Army Painter
The results.

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