Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wargaming @ Ipoh. An open letter to Neo Plamo, Herbert, KL Wargamers, Ipoh Wargamers,

Dear Neo Plamo,

You have an awesome place no doubt, for Ipoh standards. You take pride in your establishment, you commit yourself in promoting the modelling hobby, and provide awesome support for those in the hobby. I fully support your commitment in promoting the Warhammer franchise, as it is far reaching, great storyline and they have awesome miniatures to boot. As far as collecting and painting goes, you are doing great but the gaming aspect of it is pretty much fresh for you. While you can cover the painting part, the gaming aspect will be covered by me. I'll impart the fun and knowledge to all your customers who started with Warhammer 40k and a little on Fantasy. It will start off quite difficult for most but after a few games you should be able to grasp it. I guess now I have a duty here now. As a shop warming gift, I bought myself the Leman Russ Battle Tank kit and a tube of Plastic Cement. But there will be future purchase from me.

With gratitude and best wishes,
Yee How

The shelves of Neo Plamo, a dedicated scale model shop in Ipoh
Dear Herbert,

I would like you to thank you for your awesomeness in introducing the Ipoh Wargamers and also a place for Wargaming, although the place is new but given time it will grow. All these while for almost one year in Ipoh long term, I've always assumed that there are no war gaming communities in Ipoh, and so I was proven wrong. However, this does not even one way saving my trips to KL for war gaming because KL is still awesome for war gaming like Peter the Cheese, Edwin the Hungry, Wong the Sifu, Redeye the whipping boy, Zaki the Missing One, Daniel the "I Don't Have Space for Everyone" and you the 40 badass ass whooping scouts. 

The store they pointed me to is awesome for both you and me, you liked Warhammer and military scale models, they store have it all, you will find it hard to hold back your wallet. The variety of players just started to take shape here in Ipoh and I have a duty to expand it because my exposure to this game. I hope if you happen to drop by Ipoh, I welcome you to visit the place.

Your Awesome Friend,
Yee How

Warhammer 40k and Fantasy stock

Dear KL Wargamers,

You guys have been playing for a relatively long time, if you consider the average experience of all the seasoned players plus the few emerging ones and the shear variety of players really interests me in the hobby and the game also. But now I'm in Ipoh by the will of Tzeentch, thus the experience gained in KL would definitely help but even your presence in Ipoh would be wonderful for the players there after I told them stories like 9 Obliterators, 40 scouts, 200+ Guardsmen, Nidzilla. They may yet to understand as they started of as model painters and collectors thus this game is relatively new to them and your experience will be awesome.

Even with the presence of a wargaming community in Ipoh does not mean I will forget you guys who make the KL community even more awesome although is kinda large if you think about it. Having said that, I welcome all of you who pass by or stop by Ipoh, do visit this store.

Your humble servant of the Emperor (with TANKS!),
Yee How

More Ravenwing bikes coming right up

Dear Ipoh Wargamers,

I congratulate you guys for starting up such a good community, and yes I finally found you guys after 4 months of starting up. I appreciate the level of your painting, surely is better than mine, you guys actually took the effort to make it look nice as you guys started off as model painters thus your skill has been honed since day one. Going into the game is another journey, you have to forgive me as I started this game as a gamer not a collector nor painter thus my approach to this game is different but it is indeed a good start. You have made strides within four months with good variety of players. Also since you guys are awesome painters, I would also like to learn a few tricks on brush work and stuff like that. Because of your presence here in Ipoh, it sort of restarted my progress on my Ravenwing and Emperor's Fist Tank Company. So you will see more of my collection start to bloom and grow in numbers.

Best Wishes,
Yee How

Another step towards completing the Emperor's Fist Tank Company

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