Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ravenwing Assemble! And a hint of Deathwatch

The previous week was a glorious week for me, with my shipment from GW and my awesome friend David Lian (owner of the once "Warp Space Games") came on the same day, it was another string of interesting hobbying for the weeks to come.

Although they are no proof that the things came from the box here is the breakdown of the shipments.
From Games Workshop: Sammael, 2 Meltagun Packs, 1 Plasmagun Pack and Green Stuff
From David: Space Marine Tactical Squad and Psychic Power Cards.

With Sammael coming in, I've completed my HQ for my list, Sammael and Ravenwing Command Squad. This also marks my first Finecast Model.

Sammael and Command Squad Retinue

The Troops will see the assembly of the Special Weapons, 3 Meltaguns and 2 Plasmaguns, thanks to the meltagun and plamagun packs make this possible, and yes I could have completed a squad first before proceeding to the special weapons department.

Melta, melta everywhere. In the attack bike too!
Cover left, cover right. Plasma fire!
As for the Veteran Sergeant, he has to wait for my another shipment from Bitz Box to arrive. Meanwhile I get the combi weapons prepped up. These combi weapons are made using components from the Tactical Squad Box. Not too shabby I guess.

Melta or plasma, what's your flavor?
Not forgetting the Land Speeder that comes with the Ravenwing Battleforce, which is still in the same condition from before, with just one multi-melta, consider putting in assault cannons......

Since the Tactical Squad box is kinda useless if left idle there doing nothing, I'm going to launch a side project to provide miniatures for my Deathwatch Campaign which will be presented through my blog Ordos Xenos Mission Log. A few things I would need to bring in, e.g. Deathwatch Shoulder Pads, Dark Angels stuff, Space Wolves stuff and some Blood Angels stuff. Since I have a Devastator and an Assault Marine, I would need some good components to make the current kill team, not to mention an Apothecary.

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