Monday, February 25, 2013

An open letter to all who follows The Tardy Painter

For all who follows the blog,

Yes the blog was really quiet for the past 6 months as my new base has been shifted from the Hive World of Kuala Lumpur to the Feudal World of Ipoh (which is about a 2 hour drive in between). I do apologize for not putting anything for the blog since the release of 6th Edition and two new codices, Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels.

For your information, the painter has suddenly bring back the flame of painting and showcase to the masses with the following projects.

1. Repainting Imperial Guard Vehicles
The coat could use some new tricks I have in my sleeve using Krylon Fusion for Plastic Satin and some Camouflage Paint (too bad I couldn't get all from the best store in KL, ACE Hardware but at least they have the Fusion for Plastic) and the all time awesome cleaner Simple Green.
My faithful tools for mass painting
The paint is kinda old, so slapping on some new paint should give some good new look. (Mind you that my Chimera is kinda old with regards to the paint, no fresh coat since 2010)

2. Starting my Dark Angels Ravenwing
Yes, I know that the Battleforce is the the previous edition but the contents are more or less the same. Yes, yes I got bitten by the new codex bug so sue me. I have a good idea for a Ravenwing Army. But I'm going to do this on a slow progression as the repainting of my Imperial Guard Army will take much of my time
First steps for Ravenwing
I always wanted to start Space Marines before I actually set on Imperial Guard, but never thought of it that Dark Angels would be my choice. After all my color scheme with my Imperial Guard is quite the same.

That's all for the painting side, while the gaming side would only be available when the painter goes to the Hive City in a gap using weeks or months. And since the painter today (as of GMT+0800, 4.30pm) as returned to his Feudal World he brought news of his near win against the Blood Angels, stay tuned.

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