Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6th Edition! Here I wait!

Almost got myself a Summary Execution for not posting, what kind of a commissar I have. But to satiate the appetite of some readers maybe I could include some stuff for the upcoming 6th Edition of the Rulebook in about two weeks time from now.

The 6th Edition rules for Warhammer 40k is more or less being streamlined to have quite the similarities with Warhammer Fantasy Battles (The Turn Phases, the army composition) and of course some juicy bits and pieces of rules which either a big YAY, a just a MEH! or a disappointing DARN!

Based on my Imperial Guard collection, the possible few major rules change in the game which could affect the play style of my army and I could recall as much as possible.

1. Shooting at charging squads for infantry squads before close combat
The first thing to do in the turn is to declare all charges. In a nutshell, upon an infantry unit declaring its charging move, the infantry unit receiving the charge could choose to shoot prior to close combat. With a crazy quantity of firepower, even lasguns could wither down any charging unit. Verdict: YAY!

2. Tanks have the rule "Multi-targeting (X)"
Tanks could fire at different targets up to the number X. This means that tanks with many weapons can shoot at several targets using a different weapon. Ordnance weapons takes up 2 slots. With Leman Russ Tank Variants which have Multi-targeting having 4 big guns including sponsons, without heavy stubber and hunter killer missile, makes the tank an awesome killer. Plus if the vehicle remained stationary, the number is doubled! I'm starting to drool for my tanks, especially in squadrons! Verdict: YAY!

3. Power Weapons have AP values
A general three type of power weapons being categorized Chainfists have AP1, Power Fists have AP2 while Power Weapons have AP3. For my blob to work, power weapons are super effective in 5th Edition. In the new rules, it works only against power armored or similar beasties, rendered not effective against better things. When a squad of Terminators or beasties with 2+ armor, I'm going to have a real hard time! Verdict: DARN!

4. You can exchange for two slots for another one slot one the other
For example, you can exchange two slots from the Fast Attack for one slot of Elites or Heavy Support. Even exchanging one slot from Elites and one slot of Fast Attack for a Heavy Support. With the Imperial Guard seldom field Elites (which are too expensive anyway), it could be nice to have more Fast Attack or Heavy Support elements. The only thing that cannot be used in either way is the HQ slot. I could probably able to live without it. Plus at 1750 points, it wasn't really much you can alter the Force Organization Chart much. Useful only on really large games probably at larger than 2500 points. Verdict: MEH!

5. All units get a 6+ save against all psychic powers targeted at them

No big deal here, it is a 1 in 6 chance of nullifying the psychic power being shot at them which is at least offer some protection against it as more and more of these weird powers flying around in the few latest release of codices especially Grey Knights and Blood Angels, but we don't really know what will the new codices would look like for Chaos Space Marines and Elder would look like on their respective release, especially their psychic powers. Verdict: MEH!

What is left for me to do is sit back and wait for the real deal to come along, until then it is all pure speculation. By the way this also put back my WH40k gaming in the back seat for a while until the new rules came out, yet I still keep track on all gaming activities within the neighborhood.

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