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Battle Report: 1750 pts Blob Guard versus the Decent of Angels

Straken was poised to defend themselves against the Decent of Angels by the writer of Decent of Razorbacks, the points is at 1750 points so armies at a glance

1750 points in a tray not even an A4 sized box.
The Decent of Angels
HQ: Librarian with Honor Guard
Elites: 5 men Sanguinary Guards, 5 men Vanguard Veterans, Sanguinary Priests attached to Assaults Marine Squads
Troops: Two 10 men squad of Assault Marines, 5 men Scouts
Heavy: Devastator Squad

Straken's Legion of Blobs
HQ: Colonel Straken and his Melta Command Squad and Officer of the Fleet
Troops: Infantry Platoon of 57 men. (PCS with Flamers, 5 infantry squads with Grenade Launcher and 2 commissar's), 2 Melta Vets with Chimeras each
Heavy: Battle Tank, Demolisher, Executioners all with Lascannon and Plasma Cannons.

The Mission Details:
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Pitched Battle
The Terrain:
With quite the clearing on the right while the objectives at the left.
The Deployment
Since I've won roll of so I've decided to deploy at the right side of the picture. Having able to secure one objective and one in sight more or less I could bag for either one of them at the end of the game.

Slowly lining up the software (soft squishy men) and the hardware (the really heavy stuff)
While being caught out in the open, here how the angels are going to play this with scouts hiding at one corner and the Devastators crawl themselves within the crater.

That's all on the table for the angels.
Turn 1
Did not see this coming, the Angels seized the initiative and proceed to do the nasty. Devastator cracked my Chimera's Multi-Laser and the Scouts made a lot of sniper pot shots and killed 3 rubes from the twenty laid outside the line.

The field of battle is vicious in this one!

My retaliation came with rude blasting from the tanks against the Devastator Squad killing several men. The Chimera that just got shot ran away from the scene to take pot shots against the scouts in the building with only a heavy stubber...... some crazy work of art there.

Turn 2
The Officer of the Fleet offers great annoyance to Decent of Angels, after all the rerolls and all, only one Assault Squad and Vanguard Veteran came down and meet the foe. While the Assault Squad is deep into Straken's flank and popped a Chimera with meltaguns, the Vanguard Veteran met their adversaries called 20 Guardsmen and their Commissar and chopped them all in one swift assault. At least the Guard put up a fight against them.

Deep inside enemy lines the Angels are, very vicious assault it is.
The tanks made their mark on that battle with the legendary shot of their lives. Wiping out one whole squad of Assault Marines in one go. All units made a clear line of sight for the Battle Tank to line its shot against the flanking Assault Marines.

The Squad of Assault Marines was once here only to see a flash in their helmets
from a battle cannon shot from one corner of the world
The remnants of the Vanguard Veterans went down with a bang after several lasgun shots and the Meltagun shot from the no more ride Veterans but just in case a Demolisher is put to work at it seems that the Demolisher just ran out of work after that, in the end shot the Devastators instead. The Chimera on the left flank continued to make Heavy Stubber shots against the Scouts.

Guess I did not sign up for this!
Turn 3
The Angels would enter at a 4+ roll, a risky decent on my left flank made the counterattack of the Angels possible after all their decent on the previous turn got blown away. With Sanguinary Guards and another Assault Squad bear their guts to made that Decent of Angels possible.

The Sanguinary Guards popped my Battle Tank, which I think is nothing much left for the tank. While the Assault Marines made a shaking tank out of my Executioner. The scouts and Devastator continued their rude beating on my 31 men blob with Frag rounds and sniper shots.

The Risky Decent of Angels paid off. There goes my Legendary Battle Tank
Moving up my men into a firing squad position the lasgun did not hurt the Assault Marines much due to lack of volume of fire, their armor and Feel No Pain. which only took down one marine I guess. While my Chimera still harass the Scouts but this time with a Heavy Flamer. With a shaken Executioner, I've moved it far away from the fray and put on the smoke screen.

All right, enough is enough! Time to burn the hell out of you!
Turn 4
Shit just got serious, Librarian and Honor Guard had arrived and the Assault Marine are poised to charge against the 30+ Guardsmen with the ever angry Commissar and the Sanguinary Guard are poised to pop my Executioner for good. After several pop guns into the squad killing about 6 men and the Sanguinary Guards popped the Executioner with their ungodly Infernus Pistol. The Assault went ugly for the firing squad

The Guardsmen have to bear the full brunt of assault by the Assault Marines.
At least the 4 Power Weapons are tools to even the score.
With nothing much left to proceed and moved Straken Squad and Veterans together in a back to back position towards the objective placed in the middle of the table. Plus the tank does not seem to respond well with terrain and got stuck there for good. The test shot from the Demolisher Cannon does not seem to reach the Sanguinary Guards just by that fraction. The Chimera had to move at full speed backwards to save their skins after being shaken by the Scouts and Devastators and their smoke screen was on. The Assault went on and the possible outcome seems well for the Guard while the Angels slowly going down by withering of Power Weapons.

Turn 5
The Sanguinary Guard decided to go Sparta against the Chimera with Veterans in there. The whole lot of the Angels started to point their attention to the moving pillbox. With smoke and some luck, the Chimera ended up shaken and their Heavy Flamer disable after receiving, 2 Infernus shot, 4 Plasma, and some Boltgun shots! After all the Spartan shooting, Spartan assault came later and made only a shaken for the Chimera. The scouts and the Devastator plummeting shots against the Veterans only to see only 3 deaths.

The Angels are really angry now
The 30+ Guardsmen which is already going down sooner or later got another nasty surprise from Librarian and his Honor Guard and that spot stands the late 30 Guardsman and their Commissar.

This is SPARTA! A shaken results = RUN THE HELL OUTTA HERE!
With nothing much to lose, I've moved my Chimera around the assault to make a desperate Drive by attack against the last few Assault Marines at my objective unleashing all hell to them. Due to wound allocation the Sanguinary Priest took the Melta Shot because only one melta shot went through. The Demolisher has nothing much left to do except potting lascannon and plasma cannon shots against the Devastator Squad as Squad Straken and Veterans proceed to the objective.

Turn 6
The Angels are desperate for a win. The Angels decided to annihilate the drive by Veterans with all their rudeness but it seems that flak armor are good against Bolt Shells, no wounds from the Boltguns and stuff but melta makes the cut. The Veterans held their nerve to stay on and the rudeness of their assault wiped them out in one go. The Chimera continuously being shaken from the same assault so it was like a last chance thing.

It's all or nothing, I've moved my Chimera still within capturing distance of the previous objective where the 30 Guardsmen was. Straken and Veterans finally reached their holding point and blast a few melta shots against the Sanguinary Guard killing only one after all there are no qualms and complaints on that point.

Angels: That fricking Chimera!
Guards: The trolling Chimera!
The game ends at turn 6. This is truly a Shock and Awe experience playing against Blood Angels and I'm not the first one to receive it. Rather than the "In Your Face" type of Angels where most people play, this requires proper planning and able to weigh the risk to place an expensive unit for a surgical strike like that takes a lot of nerve (and some dice) to do. But against a shooty army of the Guard makes allows me one turn of withering before the full weight of the assault could come to me.

My man of the match: Leman Russ Battle Tank (One well placed shot of the Battle Tank made short work of the Assault Squad he called Squad Wallace, named after Sir William Wallce)

Pics: Courtesy of Decent of Razorbacks

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