Monday, March 12, 2012

Battle Report: 1750 pts Blob Guard versus the Decent of Angels

Straken was poised to defend themselves against the Decent of Angels by the writer of Decent of Razorbacks, the points is at 1750 points so armies at a glance

1750 points in a tray not even an A4 sized box.
The Decent of Angels
HQ: Librarian with Honor Guard
Elites: 5 men Sanguinary Guards, 5 men Vanguard Veterans, Sanguinary Priests attached to Assaults Marine Squads
Troops: Two 10 men squad of Assault Marines, 5 men Scouts
Heavy: Devastator Squad

Straken's Legion of Blobs
HQ: Colonel Straken and his Melta Command Squad and Officer of the Fleet
Troops: Infantry Platoon of 57 men. (PCS with Flamers, 5 infantry squads with Grenade Launcher and 2 commissar's), 2 Melta Vets with Chimeras each
Heavy: Battle Tank, Demolisher, Executioners all with Lascannon and Plasma Cannons.