Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spearhead coming your way! Part 1

This weekend will be my first game for the expansion Spearhead, an expansion features incredible heavy tank battles. The key point in this game is the Spearhead Force Organization Chart (FOC) which has some rules and abilities for the units selected for the Spearhead plus it does not take up your standard mission FOC when fielding units from their respective slot in a Spearhead.

My scheduled opponent will be Shazli, a true blue Ultramarine player with quite the experience in his belt against a intermediate player like me so most probably lists will be tailored to counter each other. I do not have much elements that counter his but he has all the firepower to send in to wreck my day so I have to improvise in a way. These are the possible Spearheads he could field......

Expected units: Attack Bikes or Land Speeders with Multi-Melta
Expected tactics: Simple enough, rush up to me and give me all the Multi-Melta love to my armor to wreck my day.
Solution: Use cheap armor like the Chimera with some extra surprise as a buffer, nail them from far before they could come closer. Probably blobs and blobs of men will create some distance from them to my tanks.

Expected Units: Land Speeder with Multi Melta
Expected Tactics: Quite unlikely but still plausible, deep strike with some risk or using teleport homer to drop in and wreck all the armor in one shot.
Solution: Officer of the Fleet will delay it for a while but sooner or later it will come to haunt me. Deep strike denial will be crucial. A wall of men would create some distance between them and my tanks.

Expected Units: Land Raider with Assault Terminators
Expected Tactics: Flanking me using the Land Raiders, blow up my flanks as much as possible with their lascannons and the Assault Terminators will have fun assaulting everything in their way.
Solution: Officer of the Fleet will hopefully change the edge where they will outflank

Expected Units: 3 Vindicators
Expected Tactics: No subtlety, just move and blast everything they see.
Solution: Mechanized troops will have problems against it. My armor would fare slightly better I guess.

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