Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giving a new lease of paint

My first batch of painting looks a little smudgy, caked up and of course the outlook does not seem to be consistent with my later batches of painting. So I've decided to strip all the paint from my pack in batches, starting with my Cadian squad of lasgunners and some sergeants. After all I'm also preparing for the painting competition coming on April or May this year, if possible that I could join.

The conditions to fulfill prior to the painting competition
1. Must have at least 3 boxes of GW stuff containing either one of the following:
    a. Infantry boxes with a minimum of 5 models
    b. One vehicle/Monstrous creature.
    c. 3 Bikes or Cavalry.
2. Must have five (5) colors declared prior to the event, primer included.

So for this event I'll be painting 30 infantry men so that makes up 3 boxes of Cadian Shock Troops and I have only 12 hours to do it. Based on previous experience I can only finish 10 men in about 5 hours which is doing it at a relaxing pace, so this will be quite a challenge to complete.

After 3 days of dipping in Simple Green and this is what I can get

It seems that the Simple Green has started to weaken and watered down

These are just about 20 men with their sergeants to begin with, another 10 more men to strip and prime. Since I do not use Citadel primer but this is a good time to try out a new primer Krylon Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology which is about RM25 per can in ACE Hardware

This is the one I've been looking for so long
The texture upon spraying looks really this is due to its "Ultra Flat" nature of the paint if sprayed to far from your target so they key is the best distance (8 inches to 6 inches is good enough) to spray on. Very good flat quality I might say so its a thumbs up here but need to control your burst and distance to that you don't get very dusty finish or detail covering.

My fist 10 men squad using Krylon, look at all the flat black in the world
See how flat it is? 10 men plus a Sergeant so this makes another 9 men for me
Another 9 men to go to strip but it takes another 3 days which I'm actually prepping up for a Spearhead game thus the paint stripping will have to take it on another week. At least I could see what I have done with my Krylon.

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