Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Exploits in the Underhive

The Comics Mart Midvalley Underhive is in turmoil for the first time in many years. Fights among the Underhive Houses, Genestealer Cult, Chaos Cultists, Redemptionists and the Orks wandering around the Underhive to claim the many resources which can be found in the Underhive.

This is my first time playing Necromunda, a tabletop skirmish game set in the 41st Millennium where there is not just war between the Imperium, Chaos Legions, Tyranid Swarms, Tau Empire, Eldar Craftworlds, Kabals of the Dark Elves and many more, the fight for survival and power in the Underhive  goes on and on.......

After being tardy and all for such a long time, it is about time that I posted something on the board for my Project Necromunda which is relatively easy for my as most of my things are already there such as the many Gangers in my list which they are using Lasguns. Using Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters and some ingenuity, here is what I've managed to make up with.

Gangers with Boltguns
The many lasgun right hands from the kit had the lasgun butt stock cut and filed to allow the Space Marine Boltgun to be glued on to the hands. While the one in the middle is easier using the Command Squad Boltgun piece, the sword hand from the Jungle Fighter kit too.

Heavies with Heavy Bolter and Heavy Stubber
This one is tricky. The Heavy Bolter from the Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Squad is sawed into three parts, the barrel, the tripod section and the trigger part. The section inside the red box is removed and join he two remaining parts together some filing and filling may require after gluing.

The section inside the red box will not be required.
The Heavy Stubber comes with the previous release of Chimera (not sure whether it comes with it now or not), the barrel is being shortened to make it look more proportional otherwise it will be very long! The hands come from Catachan Command Squad which is meant for the special weapons.

And I could use the new Heavy Bolter dude as Gunnery Sergeant Harker for my Warhammer 40k tabletop games!

From Left: Ganger with Flamer, Juve and Sniper
These are pretty straightforward, parts comes from the Jungle Fighter set other than the Sniper Rifle and the compatible hands which are from the Command Squad Box.

One angry Ganger family! :p
The Lasgun models are used from my collection of Imperial Guard army I have now, in ample supply! If you have any questions maybe could leave a note or two on the comments section.

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