Friday, February 24, 2012

Can't bear to see them unpainted

Still remember that I've stripped the paint off my first 21 Cadian Shock Troopers including 3 Sergeants? I just can't bear the sight seeing them unpainted plus I may not be able to join the painting tourney as there are some pressing things to attend e.g. my brother's marriage registration day for the weekend so I've decided in the last moment to paint them all up. Another reason is that I would like to see my army in color for my upcoming Spearhead game.

The only thing I get is that my painting skill is not all that shabby after all these time I haven't been painting on a large scale. So here is the result of the "not so shabby after all" type of painting.

My 3 Cadian Sergeants/Bodyguards for the Company Command Squad

18 Lasgun Guardsmen all with a fresh coat of paint

On the side, I also took the liberty to put Lord Castellan Creed and scratch build Color Sergeant Kell into the painting line.

Lord Castellan Creed and my scratch build Color Sergeant Kell
Now stripping in progress: Lascannon Heavy Weapons Squad...... and more to come.

P.S. How I wish I had the same vigor painting my Warhammer Fantasy too......

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