Monday, February 6, 2012

634 points Doubles Tournament @ Comics Mart Midvalley

The ashes of war is now over for the doubles and might I say this is my first official tournament win shared with Redeye. Good times, great rolls and awesome blasts, gruesome slashing and pounding on the table marked the day. The tournament requires the players to field an army up to 634 points with a minimum scoring troop choice of 200 points including their dedicated transport and so this is what I've came up with!

Veteran Squad (270 points)
Gunnery Sergeant Harker
3 Grenade Launchers
Chimera with (Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer, Heavy Stubber, Hunter Killer Missile and Extra Armor)

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank (180 points)
Extra Armor

Leman Russ Battle Tank (180 points)
Extra Armor

That sums up with 630 points, can't do much with only 4 points so I'll just leave it as it is.

The partners are randomly chosen thus got paired up with Redeye with the following army
10 men Assault Marines Squad
Sergeant Power Fist
2 Meltaguns
Rhino Troop Transport (Storm Bolter)

Furioso Dreadnought
Frag Cannon
Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with Meltagun

Sanguinary Priest

Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship 
Twin Linked Assault Cannon, and Twin Linked Multi Melta

Some battle reports shall we? Simple ones will do.....

Round 1 - Haiqal (Eldar) and Cheng (Necrons)
The mission are called "Assassins" where the so called "Assassins" are placed on the table halves borderlines and 12" away from the table short edges. Every turn they move on a D6 plus a scatter die, it will only stay still on a hit. Units within 3" will receive D6 hit at Strength 4 AP D6 making footslogging capture tricky. In an event the "Assassins" leave the table, it will be placed in the center. Only one thing comes into mind, the Catachan Devils are placed in outflanking positions to easily capture the objectives

A beginner and veteran matchup, under Cheng's guidance the Eldar did not able to push whatever they had on their first turn but the Necrons prove to be a reckoning force on the table with their Resurrection Orb and stuff like that.
Haiqal's Eldar at a glance
10 men Dire Avengers with Exarch on Wave Serpent Transport
10 men Guardians with Star Cannon
5 men Dark Reapers with Exarch

Cheng's Necron at a glance
20 Necron Warriors
1 Ghost Ark
1 Necron Lord with War Scythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Resurrection Orb, Chronometron, Tesseract Labyrinth

We've got first turn, with the Catachan Devils placed in outflanking positions and it was eventful with Redeye's "In Your Face" maneuver took out the Eldar Wave Serpent with a crack shot of a multi-melta blew up a Wave Serpent plus 6 Dire Avengers with it. While my Leman Russ Battle Tanks did not pound much of the Necron with their "I'll be back" rolls replacing a few of them plus they are spread out to minimize damage. At down of turn 1, the fire is being focused on the Stormraven Gunship causing a lot of stunning on the Gunship. The Ghost Ark rolled a 1 to spawn Warriors causing a glancing hit ended up being immobilized itself....... bad dice rolls and all brings a major setback to the Necrons.

At Turn 2, the Catachan Devils are not entering yet so to speak but not much of a concern. Unwilling to commit to assault too soon, the Power of the Machine Spirt sprayed fire into the Dark Reapers ripping down to a few with their Exarch. The Leman Russ Tank keep the pounding on. Down of turn 2 still witness the full myriad of Gauss fire causing more glancing hit but to no avail.

Turn 3, another turn of delaying their assault the Stormraven Gunship kept the pounding on the Dark Reapers instead plus their Bloodstrike Missiles on the Ghost Ark too causing no damage to it. The Stormraven had their fair share of pounding too.

Turn 4 was the turn where everything goes glory and gory at the same time. The Necrons took a pounding from the Battle Tanks, Assault Marines and the Dreadnought all at once. The Assault Marines in Assault decimated more than half of the Necron Warriors while a few attempts of the Mindshackle Scarabs to point one Marine on the other direction to be slightly helpful. An attempt to instant kill the Sanguinary Priest using the Tesseract Labyrinth end up a failure. Snake eyes says the Necron stays. At down of 4, with nothing much to do, the Guardians kept their pot shots on the Stormraven Gunship and scored an Immobilized. With the Necrons so far away from the Ghost Ark it spells doom. The assault went on with a draw.

At Turn 5, with nothing else for the Leman Russ to fire, the Tank turned their attention on the Guardians and Ghost Ark causing no damage at all. The idling Catachan Devils finally arrived and captured the objective. The assault proceeds with brutality and the side decided that the battle could not be won with the participation of a Dreadnought into the fray. The team concedes and we proceed into the next round. That bags our first win for the tournament.

Round 2 - Wong (Grey Knights) and Qusha (Space Marines)
Wong's Grey Knight in brief
5 men Terminators (2 Halberds, 2 Swords, 1 Sword with Psycannon)
Land Raider Crusader (Multi-Melta)
Dreadnought with Twin Linked Autocannon

Qusha's Space Marines in brief

1 Chapter Captain (Boltgun and Chainsword)
10 men Tactical Squad
10 men Tactical Squad (1 Missile Launcher)
Rhino Transport

8 men Sternguard Veterans (1 Plasmagun)

Wong, the most veteran player among the bunch mentoring Qusha for the first time in a tournament setting. The Deployment was Dawn of War with a twist, night fighting continues if a dice roll is equal of higher than the turn number in each player turn. The mission, kill points and simple enough.

The opposition laid down by Wong and Qusha was an aggressive one putting many of Qusha's assets in front of the lines denying our deployment. However, the Catachan Devils entrenched themselves at the corner of a ruin. A harsh decision is made to not placing any remaining forces upon deployment for both of us everything would enter on turn 1.

The aggression of Qusha's Space Marines put pressure on Sergeant Harker and their Catachan Devils which do not have much anti-tank power with a Rhino about 18" away from them and released their smoke launchers. While the Sternguard placed themselves in a crater awaiting for my Leman Russ Battle Tanks. Down of turn 1 sees to whole fusillade of fire against one lone Rhino and stunned it, buying some time for Harker for another turn of shooting before being assaulted.

Turn 2, the attention as usual being focused on the Stormraven Gunship which has a more aggro value on the table and shutting down it's engines but that did not stop the Power of the Machine Spirit to retaliate. The Tactical Marines sprayed fire into the Catachan Devils causing only one death among their members. Holding up against the combined assault of the Grey Knights and the Space Marine is now of top priority, Redeye decided to commit to assault to slow down the advance sending both the Dreadnought and the Assault Marines into assault. The Battle Tank shifted their attention to the Strenguards nearby and blew them up into smithereens and that goes for the Captain too. The Catachan Devils scored an Immobilizing hit on to the Rhino making it easier for the Dreadnought to hit. The assault was gruesome with one tactical squad down and rhino gone. It is still dark......

Turn 3 is where the Grey Knights shine with their assault prowess, the Grey Knight Land Raider stunned the Furioso in its wake. The charge of the Grey Knights was unbearable for the Assault Marines but at least took down a few of them before falling back. With the Strenguard strength not a threat to the tanks, the next threat is the Grey Knight Dreadnought pulling out pot shots on the weaker targets at the same time pounding the last Sternguard. The Stormraven unleashed its fury of Bloodstrike Missiles against the Grey Knights dropping another 1 more. Night fighting continues......

Turn 4, the Grey Knights continued their relentless assault while the Tactical Squad laid at the back placing more pot shots against our side while the usual Grey Knight Dreadnought pilled in more psybolt shots against our side popping a Chimera. The Land Raider attempts to remove the Furioso Dreadnought once and for all with multi-melta shot but only cause it to be stunned. The Grey Knights easily routed the Catachan Devils in assault for they are only human. It is daylight on our down on turn 4, it is time for a full counter attack, the Battle Tanks battered the Grey Knight Dreadnought Autocannon and the last Strenguard for a kill point. Stormraven blew the Land Raider into nothing else.

Turn 5 witnessed the relentless assault of the Grey Knights once again as they charged into the now immobilized Stormraven Gunship for more Stunning and destroying some weapons together with it. At down of 5, the Furioso unleashed its fury of Frag Cannons and Meltagun in one salvo killing one Grey Knight and the combined fire of two Leman Russ Tanks on the Grey Knight Dreadnought knock it out of its commission. Unable to wade through the ruins, the Furioso can only see the Stormraven Gunship being hit even more by the Grey Knights.

Turn 6 witness even more brutality from the Grey Knights knocking more weapons away from the Gunship into an empty husk but their side conceded after knowing that they could not catchup in kill points. Score another one for me and Redeye.

Final Round - Shazli (Space Marines) and Jun Tseng (Chaos Space Marines)
Shazli's Space Marines summarized
10 men Tactical Squad (Power Fist, Meltagun and Heavy Bolter)
Rhino Transport
5 men Scouts (Sniper Rifles)
2 Land Speeders (Heavy Bolter and Typhoon Missile Launchers)
2 Attack Bikes (Multi-Melta)

Jun Tseng's Chaos Legion summarized
10 Khorne Beserkers (Power Fist and Plasma Pistol)
Chaos Rhino
Daemon Prince (Lash of Submission)

With us two wins in our pocket and one win and one draw for Shazli and Jun Tseng, they would need a win to secure the tourney.

Using a quarters deployment, the mission is to capture a ninja ogre that will jump away from a 4+ dice roll and scatter 2D6 from its original position. Any units happen to be landed by the ogre take D6 Strength 5 hit against them, vehicles are resolved at rear armor makes it even more tricky than before. Me and Redeye got first turn. The terrain is rather open, our plan is to give the opposition the least cover. Placing the Stormraven and Tanks in kill zones we are poised to give them a hard time, the Catahcan Devils are placed in a tall ruin to overwatch the flanks in case of flankers against the tanks. Shaz attempt a quick one with a Rhino placed behind a tall obstacle of the Emperor with the attack bikes behind it and a Land Speeder ready to attack. Jun Tseng will attempt to flank us using the Khorne Beserkers and Daemon Princes in one block while the Defiler laid back to snipe with a battle cannon. The Scouts infiltrated a position near the Catachan Devils and Shazli reserved one Land Speeder for the rainy days. Redeye on the other hand served his Rhino which was a dedicated transport for the assault marines.

Turn 1 is where every plan that Shazli had went wrong. Identified that the Attack Bikes are a threat to my tanks, the Stormraven gunship laid down multi-melta and assault cannon fire down the range destroying both of them. A crackshot from a Battle Cannon wreaked the Rhino and the Catchan Devils blew up the Chaos Rhino with an attempt by an autocannon after all the cover saves failed. With so much of their mobility being removed, Shazli and Jun Tseng reacted by at least gunning down the Stormraven Gunship using whatever means which is already in front of the lines but to no avail. The Khorne Beserkers are trapped and the Daemon Prince decided to shield their flanks. The Scouts laid down their bolt pistol barrage on a Chimera scratching off some paintwork.

Turn 2 is where more brutality being unleashed, an early assault with the Furioso Dreadnought is to let the pairs commit their men to the assault while the Gunship and the Tanks lay down pinning fire down the range harming the Daemon Prince by 2 wounds, a Land Speeder and most importantly a Defiler. The assault of the Furioso Dreadnought towards the Space Marines ties down the whole assault with the Space Marine Sergeant Power Fist unable to land good blows. With nothing else much to go with, the Daemon Prince had to jump in to fight the Dreadnought menace.

Turn 3. Harker and the Catachan Devils spotted the appearance of the Scouts and laid down AP4 rudeness after the Scouts got swathed down by a gout of Heavy Flamer shot and they ran away after failing their Leadership check. The tanks with nothing to proceed begin their pounding on the Khorne Berserkers  doing little damage to them. Redeye unleashed his trump card of Assault Marines from the Stormraven against the Daemon and killed it on the charge while the Dreadnought kept on dancing with the Space Marines. Shazli's Landspeeder entered the battlefield and gunned down the Stormraven Gunship forcing the Sanguinary Priest to leave the ride. The assault went on and on.

On Turn 4, the tank kept on their barrage on the Khorne Beserkers locking them in a tight position. The Chimera attempted a glory or guts shot with a Hunter Killer Missile but failed to penetrate the armor of the Land Speeder. The Catachan Devils started mobilizing and leave their entrenched position towards the objective but Move Through Cover did not help them much. The assault continued with more Space Marines being killed and the Blood Angels going on for the win with the Rhino finally came but the assault finally ended with the Blood Angels remained standing. With the scatter of the objective seem favorable to Shazli and Jun Tseng.

Turn 5 by far nothing much can be done for the tanks and the Chimera ,other than keeping their bombardment on the Khorne Beserkers, slowly reducing their numbers but not much. The Blood Angels embarked on their Rhino and sped off for the objective. The Dreadnought being immobilized during the assault lay pot shots using the frag cannon shaking the land speeder constantly. Looking at the objective being so close to them, the Khorne Beserkers emerged from their position for a mad dash for it praying the the tank would miss.

With all the attention from the Imperial Guard on Turn 6, all guns are now focused on the remaining two Khorne Beserkers. Not taking much of a risk for the objective, the Catachan Devils proved themselves to be the hardest bunch with a full fire attack against the remaining two Beserkers and failed armor saves killed them all. The battle was over and Shazli and Jun Tseng admitted defeat.

That's 3 wins in a row and my first tournament victory in my lifetime, it was fun although some had their bad share of bad dice but this is part of the game, while some had a fleeting moment of glory in taking down threats and all. I thank all who had joined to tournament, I hope that the new players could grow and expand from there improving their skill and strategy and the spirit of the game.

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