Saturday, August 6, 2011

For we are from Ulthuan!

So it's quite an irony where a horde type army lover for me in Warhammer 40k playing an elitist army in Fantasy Battles. With the big leap thus defines my reasons below. Lo and behold the might of Ulthuan and her citizens. This will be basically similar to my previous posts about the LOTSA of Imperial Guard but this one is dedicated for my love for my High Elf Fantasy Battle Army

1. For we are great in the arcane arts
No doubt the High Elves do dominate the arcane arts in the game to a certain degree. High Elf players get to dispel with a +1 to their rolls whenever they field a mage/archmage (the bonus do not stack for multiple mages by the way). While Vaul's Forge provides a great selection of Arcane Items to bolster magic casting or even screw up their magic casting like the Annulian Crystal that steals one dice from your opponent's magic pool as your dispel pool.

Teclis puts spell casting to a whole new level
Not to mention that High Loremaster Teclis that makes High Elves that overpowering in magic. Rolls of doubles becomes Irresistible Force (cannot be dispelled), ignore the first miscast, knows all spells in one lore of your choice, and adds D3 dice to magic and dispel pool.

2. For we are blessed by the Speed of Asur
The special rule "Speed of Asuryan" allows High Elves to gain "Always Strike First" regardless of the weapon being used. This means that even units like Swordmasters of Hoeth and White Lions of Chrace will be able to strike first regardless that are armed with Great Weapons. Another plus point is that they can reroll to hit if my unit initiative is higher than the receiving unit, not too shabby! (Actually is awesome goodness)
For we wield the Great Weapons and still Strike First
For we are IM-BA!

 3. For we are the elites among elites
For building a high elf army, we are not that restricted to the number of units we can filled in an army. For instance we can have 6 duplicate units in the Special Section and 4 duplicates in the Rare section when playing games at up to 3000 points. At 3000 points and up it would be double of the restrictions. (12 for Special, 8 for Rare). The number of redundancy can be made with this concept in mind. Multiple Swordmasters anyone? Or up to 4 bolt throwers in 2000 points!

For we can have many of us Swordmasters and even others
For we are the elites, for we are from Ulthuan!
4. For we are more disciplined than most
With reference to the armybook for High Elves, many of the central core soldiers are levied citizen soldiers, this mean they are mostly drafted (instead of recruited) from the citizenry. Usually this kind of soldiers have poor motivation to fight but not for the high elves. Compare their majority Leadership 8 than some other core choices we can find from other armybook/the rulebook bestiary considering units that need to take break tests under normal circumstances. Skaven Clanrats (5), Bretonnian Men-at-Arms (5), Goblin (6), Orc (7) and Empire State Troops (7) are among the core units that have lesser leadership value than us High Elves.

We are more vigilant and steadfast than some denizens of the Old World out there
For we are from Ulthuan (although we don't get paid much for this)
5. For we have a wide selection of Monsters especially Dragons
How many mounted monsters we have, Great Eagle, Griffon, Sun Dragon, Moon Dragon and the Star Dragon. OMG, three dragons to choose from. While most playeres would favor the Star Dragon for it's great toughness, damage dealing, breath weapon and thus the intimidation value at large games, the griffon do score another shot on smaller games. But having 3 types of dragons to choose from is a little excessive don't you think. The griffon is not as strong as the dragon, but still the mount and the rider can still dish out some damage before going down still proves to be a headache for opponents to guards their rear and flank.

For we are big, ugly, bad breath smell and intimidating.
For we are the eternal Dragons in Ulthuan

For I am done writing about how I like about my High Elves, the traits, the personalities and the stuff that I like about fantasy battles when the Elves are doing their job. So you guys have to catch me on the next post probably about my paint job which will take some time. For I am the Tardy Painter......

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