Monday, July 25, 2011

In non-tardy mode, actually started painting!

Finally I've actually spend some time and effort in painting my stuff but not 40ks' but my High Elves. This is actually the first few batches of stuff I've bought since the release of the Island of Blood box set that comes with High Elves and Skaven so I've shared the box with someone else and I end up with the High Elves part (which I wanted anyways). Other than the box set the additional ones are the Lord and Noble Set, Dragon Princes of Caledor, White Lions of Chrace plus and additional components from the box set. Thus this makes up what I have currently after a few conversions:

Box Set Components:
1 Lord on Griffon
1 Mage/Archmage on Foot
1 Lord/Noble on Foot converted from the extra Bladelord
19 Lothern Sea Guards with Command unit
18 Swordmasters of Hoeth with Command unit
10 Ellyrian Reavers with 2 Harbingers

Additional Stuff
20 White Lions of Chrace with one Command unit
5 Dragon Princes of Caledor including one Command unit
1 Lord on Barded Elven Steed
1 Noble Battle Standard Bearer
Korhil, Captain of the White Lions

Other than these stuff, I've also procured some super old stuff which I've sold of most of it but only keep the stuff I've wanted which are the Repeater Bolt Throwers (I shall change these to the plastic ones soon enough). Here are some pics of my completed stuff (minus the basing) and WIPs.

Here are my completed stuff (painting only)
White Lions of Chrace
Now we know what happened to Kimba, the White Lion and his offsprings

Swordmasters of Hoeth
How many chops you can do in one day?

Lord on Barded Elven Steed with Lance and Shield
Thanks to Vincent for the extra highlights
And here are some WIP stuff, doing it bit by bit while some are almost done but due to tardiness thus I've slowed down a bit on.

Korhil (Left) and Converted Lord/Noble on Foot from extra Swordmaster Champion
Almost done there just need some extra touches
Ellyrian Reavers. The front one is my partially painted set.
The black one is recently purchased. Before and after comparison

Lothern Sea Guards. This will be a bitch to paint.
The shields, the armor and 19 of them

Dragon Princes of Caledor.
Dragon masks on horses, what more do you ask for?

The Mage and Lord on Griffon is currently in the paint stripping solution of Simple Green due to heavy coats of paint thus is not shown on this post but will show later on the progress of it

* This post supposed to be a Warhammer 40k post but interjected by recent commitment on Warhammer Fantasy Battles but either way is still a decent showcase don't you think?

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