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The Heroes of the Imperial Guard - Part II

Hey Guardsmen, looking to know more about the Heroes in the Imperial Guard and this is your second installation for knowing your heroes and these heroes are probably standing next to you screaming or bellowing at you just because you look like a walrus, just that you came from Texas or an ugly FATBODY and call you GOMMER PYLE!

When stubbornness meets bad attitude
Commander Chenkov
He is one of my favourite Platoon Commander replacement of all time.  For a nominal 50 points, you'll get a big whip for your infantry squads, 12" Stubborn bubble and gang up with a Lord Commissar for the Ld10 juiciness. Instead of popping Commissars here and there, Chenkov is more like a discount Stubborn package for all so you can't complain for a slightly losing that Ld boost. While losing the First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire! command, having the Get Back in the Fight command is still not all bad either so they'll come back and play along with your friends for an even longer time. The next best thing about Chenkov is the Send in the Next Wave that you can do when you have Conscripts to go with. You have innumerable amount of Conscripts with the same strength as the original squad (Independent Characters are excluded btw!). At anytime of any player's starting turn you press the bomb (in short killing everybody), you'll get another fresh squad on your subsequent starting turn unless your opponent kills it then probably you won't get it. Thus this makes a good big tarpitting or mudslinging (yeah insult your opponents to kill conscripts instead of Guardsmen) if well placed and used well. Comes with a power weapon and bolt pistol which is quite typical for me and a 4+ carapace armor is so standard. The 50 points is spent for the abilities dude and is considered well spent!

I'm a pseudo Khosaro Khan.
A little better here, a little bit better there
No as good as the real thing though

Captain Al'-Rahem
The only Arab in the Imperial Guard codex, and by the book he does fight like one typical Arab guerrilla. 70 points replacement that make your whole platoon outflanking. Maybe it can go wrong maybe it can go fine or even dealing some damage to enemy flanks or even the center blocks. Plasma pistol in hand is not fancy but the Claw of the Desert Tigers is just a big whooping force weapon that is not wielded by a Psyker and does not require Psychic Tests so a potential wound is a potential kill, even Khosaro Khan does not get this kind of privilege. A  "Complatoon" Commander (Company Commander and Platoon Commander mix) that gives you First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE! and Bring it Down! He is surely an embodiment of guerrilla tactics with the command called Like the Wind!. This command combines shooting and running in one single package, nobody can hate that! The potential of his prowess is still under my purview but I can consider building an army around him. Initial results are that building him using heavy Mechanized Infantry Platoon is one way or walking the platoon in is also not all of a bad idea while he stays in a Chimera doing what most Guardsman does best...... spray and pray.
"Me make Mahreens look like sissies"

Gunnery Sergeant Harker
Stone Tooth for all intentions and purposes to be not like the same than any other Sergeant other than his rank. What makes him different than other Sergeants. First he is Relentless, thus he can move and shoot just like standing still thus Payback (name of his Heavy Bolter) thus making Space Marine Devastators looked like bunch of sissies albeit at only Toughness 3 but Strength 4. He can do Feel No Pain rolls at Toughness 3 so nothing much he can save himself against. He is a member of a club called Catachan Devils thus as the Chairman of  this squad everybody has to be Stealth and Infiltrate (our first and only infiltrating unit for a troop unit, and thus the fluff for it). Using Demolitions with meltas or plasmas, things may go wrong if the Demo Charge is thrown to the wrong side of the game. Compliment with plasmas and meltas will make MEQs writhe in agony. You don't really pay that 55 points just for him and his gun but the other bonus you get for him having a gang of devils to go along is quite a decent deal. It also works with Grenade Launchers to for the AP4 abuse!

Anyone ask for a wholesome package of orders?
Sergeant Bastonne
Probably one of the most versatile leaders you can buy for a squad (just a squad). For 60 points to replace your sergeant to have a Company Commander and a Platoon Commander package in a veteran squad that works only for that particular squad and all the orders are at Ld10 but is still one order! Another plus point is that the squad can still regroup regardless of restrictions (e.g. under half strength or enemy within 6" etc.). As mentioned before, many Imperial Guard special characters usually give buffs to others but not really the models themselves thus makes the Hot-Shot Laspistol and the Power Weapon for the Veteran Squad pretty irrelevant. There are actually much better places to spend the 60 points rather than one fragile sergeant but if you have the points, no harm trying it.

Even more angry research proved fatal to him and his men
Mogul Kamir
The angriest among the bunch so to speak. He replaces a Rough Rider Sergeant for 40 points that grants his squad Fearless and Rage so long he is alive. The combination of these two elements are what all Guard players try to avoid. It's like "So I'm not afraid of any shit you throw at me but I want to go to the nearest shit that would still throw shit to me" and you are wearing Flak Armor (5+). Marines will mow you down, Tyranids will chew you to more than pieces, Tau will pummel you with pulse shots even lasguns will swiss cheese you...... The best you can do with this squad is either go in reserve or outflanking (may need Creed to do it) them which still risky in practical sense. The cyber steed is pretty irrelevant if this unit fails to charge into anything. For the equal 40 points I could tool up infantries with 4 meltaguns, a pair of Plasma Cannon Sponson for my Leman Russ Tanks or give an Infantry Squad a Commissar which probably serves better than this.

So here are the all the Heroes covered in the Imperial Guard codex. The good, the bad, the ugly and the angry ones too. So it's up to you to judge while the write up here is only my perspective of the gameplay and does not represent the perspective of Games Workshop or Robin Cruddace. Thank you and have a nice day!

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