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The Heroes of the Imperial Guard - Part I

Reading through the codex once again I found out we have actually 12 named characters to choose from and whether is it worth the points. We will right here evaluate it one by one. Starting with the HQ

Creed: I'm the only genius among the Imperial Guard!
Kell: I kept you alive all this while so you can be the only genius, noob!
Creed: [Face palm]......

Lord Castellan Creed and Color Sergeant Kell
The first two named character of the codex, Lord Castellan Usarkar Creed together with his "gay partner" Color Sergeant Kell (not actually gay partner but them come in pairs if you buy the blister). At 90 points replacing your Company Command Squad with Ld10 you can make four orders at 24" radius, gain access to all commands available and the special order For the Honour of Cadia (grants a unit Furious Charge and Fearless until the remainder of the turn, pretty useless trust me) plus some nifty wargear that is not really impressive. He also grants one unit with the Scout USR, outflanking Leman Russ Battle Tank Squadron anyone? He is best used with massive infantry (to maximize the usage of orders) and in pretty large games like 2000+ points and ups.

Color Sergeant Kell is one nifty piece to put in the squad. A veteran with a power fist, a power weapon, carapace armor, regimental standard, 2 wound bodyguard (works for Creed only) at Ld8 for 85 points replacing one veteran. Using the commander's Ld value instead of the receiving can be a big boost for armies that includes Heavy Weapons Squad and Special Weapons Squad which has Ld7 so can't go wrong with that. Since it takes up one veteran slot this leaves less options for the Company Command Squad to go with but still he makes a decent assault buff.

Never forget that they are not Independent Characters, they are purchased as a part of the squad!

I'm more fighty, more smacky and more durable than most.
Thanks to my "Iron Hand"
"Iron Hand" you say? "Melta Hand" more like.
Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken
Arguably the Close Combat Monster in the Codex. He fights better (WS5), whacks harder (S6),  much tougher (T4) and better armor (3+) than all the officers in the codex. Man of Adamantium gives him such stat line and his squad is Fearless, so don't worry that your precious Company Command Squad will chicken out after seeing some blood or start squirming after a few mortar blasts. The "Iron Hand" cracks tank with an extra d6 thus the "Melta Hand" monicker. With a 12" bubble of Furious Charge and Counter Attack to friendly units (including walkers), that makes virtually any walking unit within his bubble an assaulting mob or a rough brawl when being assaulted. Usually I tool him up with a medic, meltaguns and 2 bodyguards to make it a assault oriented squad, although it is small but still works fine for me. Cost? 95 points replacing your commoner senior officer, it's total value! One point to note that he is not an Independent Character so he cannot be specifically target in assaults.

Power Klaw, check. Storm Bolter, check.
Force Field? Not Refractor Field?
 Commissar Yarrick
The Hero Hades Hive seems to be the less popular choice as he is not much of a stand alone character but a 185 point unit buffing unit. Sharing the same stat of a Lord Commissar except for T4, share most of the stuff of a Lord Commissar (minus shooting wimpy sergeants) like granting the buffs like 6" Ld10 bubble but he gives more than just that. He works as a Ministorum Priest and grants Fearless plus friendly units 12" within his bubble gets Stubborn. This makes many of your infantry units keep in line most of the time during assaults. The plus side is wound allocated on him must be rerolled at T4 due to his Force Field but the downside is he has no Invulnerable Save and have a puny 4+ armor save. The Bale Eye is not much of an impressive one but I'll take that. The Power-Klaw (Power Fist lar!) and Storm Bolter are some of his useful wargear. The one that annoys most people is his Iron Will which makes him stand up at a 3+ with one wound left will continue to haunt more people in the near future.

"Me take big rocket wound for the kernul and say no problem"
Nork Deddog
This is a 110 point, an Ogryn which is a bodyguard plus Feel No Pain, Loyal to the End and Heroic Sacrifice. Loyal to the End is a double edged sword, sure it works like a bodyguard against the enemies, that works for your Commissars too! So if you have to kill the Company Commander (like running away), the Lord Commissar is killed instead, is a complete practical joke! His T5 is not going to benefit any of the hummies but only to get a krak missile in the pocket for a Feel No Pain roll, I give you that. Well for the Heroic Sacrifice just pound your assaulters into pulp (by the time you are in assault, the squad is most probably gone for good). "Iron Hand" starken plus a medic and 2 bodyguards works much better compared with this brute.

After covering for the HQ I shall cover a few more from Elites and the Heavy Support (There is a named character for Heavy Support?)

I'm not like that guy who said
"Drive me Closer, I want to hit them with my sword!"
Knight Commander Pask
A 50 point to upgrade a Leman Russ with BS4 and Crack Shot. Crack Shot  activates when the Leman Russ he's in it did not move but gain reroll to hit against monstrous creatures and +1 to the roll against vehicles thus a good placement will make your 50 points worth the value. Best placed in a Leman Russ Exterminator (4 shots of Twin Linked Autocannons, STR8 literally against vehicles) or a Vanquisher (technically you have a literal STR9 weapon that rolls 2d6 against a vehicle) provided if you did not move on that turn. So he better spend more time on the trigger button and less time on the accelerator pedal and no time on the eject button.

He's more or less like this guy minus the bullet proof skin
Guardsman Marbo
Call him John Rambo if you want. Cost 65 points for a one-man operative that pops up from anywhere in the board to frighten people. Armed with a Ripper Pistol (Sniper Pistol, not impressive), Envenomed Blade (2+ poisoned weapon, good against many stuff) and a Demolition Charge (Str8 AP2 Bomb, this is the real deal). He comes out, pops the bomb and pray that it hits and kills many things in one go. Since you can't assault on the turn in comes in so be careful when using this guy. Orders don't work on him so that's irrelevant,  Fearless is pretty much irrelevant too, Stealth is pretty useful when receiving multitude of shots after the bomb and Hit and Run is good if you still survive your round of assault. Best used as an assassin to kill of the remaining stuff on the table (e.g. under strength units)

This is quite long so I'm going to continue the other sections on the next part. See ya on the next part which I will cover more named characters choices in the IG codex then. Coming up are the characters in the Troop section and Fast Attack.

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