Friday, June 24, 2011

The many "LOTSA" in the Imperial Guard

And also it has been lots of tardiness to keep the barracks up and running and yes this is Y.H. coming back with a new outlook on the WH40k scene and I shall introduce some other stuff like Anima Tactics which I've picked up recently. After filtering all that stuff so I shall start with my Warhammer 40k post of the new outlook, I shall kick of with the term "LOTSA" can be used in many parts of the Codex: Imperial Guard.

Yeah and we have "LOTSA" stuff to play around with

1. "LOTSA" Guardsmen!

It's publicly known that Imperial Guard players can field a whole sea of them. I even find myself fielding 80 infantrymen (the highest in my experience) and it is still seem small considering the potential of fielding up to 100+ of them in a 1750 point game. Looking at the Infantry Squad choices you will get a minimum of 25 bodies from a Platoon Command Squad (PCS) and 2 Infantry Squads which seems puny by most standards so with this is just not enough, you can place up to 5 Infantry Squads for all you know not including the Heavy Weapons Squad (HWS), Special Weapons Squad (SWS) and the Conscripts. With that kind of body count will surely annoy people especially if you stuff a Commissar in their ranks! This potential of body count works for both shooting and in assault if managed well.

2. "LOTSA" Heavy Tanks!

Another publicly known thing about IG their quantity of tanks. The Leman Russ boast the most power packed non super heavy tank available. With a full mount of 4 weapons (Turret, hull, left and right side sponsons), able to move and shoot the turret (even though it is an ordnance) plus one weapon plus defensive weapons (if purchased) thus make the Leman Russ having the highest threat value compared with other units. You can field up to 3 Russes in a slot makes it even more scary with 7 patterns to choose from. My all time favorite is fielding 2 Demolishers with a Hull Lascannon and Plasma Cannon sponsons (mind you all of them are AP2 weapons) in a squadron makes decent line breaking work! With this kind of allowance from the codex, no IG tank lover will go wrong with this choice.

3. "LOTSA" Big and Long Guns!
Yes we are talking about mobile artillery (most of the time we are not making it mobile). Basilisks, Medusas, Colossi and Griffons can be purchased as a squadron of 3. Their purpose is only to bomb your opponents back to the stone age! Usually Basilisks and Medusas are fielded with the purpose in mind. With good placement, protection and some luck, these babies will make your day while looking at your opponents squeal while you play the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky! And you can see your opponent's infantry get scattered before they start to see daylight.

4. "LOTSA" Wings
The IG finally get their first flyer/skimmer in the official codex, Valkyrie and Vendetta and you can field 3 in a slot. Talking about up to 9 Twin-Linked Lascannons in your face in a single Fast Attack slot which has Extra Armor and it's a Fast Vehicle with the Skimmer Rule! You think the Valkyire is not good enough? Figure this, at 130 points each, up to 9 Multi-Laser and 6 defensive pie plates down the range, make those saves.

5. "LOTSA" Anti-Air
This may not be the major point but with all the skimmer/flyer zooming round and round (BA/GK Stormraven, DE Raiders/Ravagers and such, surely you will need some stuff that bring these things down and IG has the solution, the Hydra Flak Tank. Standing with 2 Twin-Linked Hydra Autocannons (Str7 Ap4 @ 72") that ignores cover saves from flat-out or turbo boosting spell doom to skimmers, jetbikes and even ground bikes and you can buy them in a squadron of up to 3 of these fly swatters.

6. "LOTSA" Fast Tanks
This is my favorite "LOTSA" after tanks and men. This category of vehicles have a much tougher armor (12-12-10), they are fast vehicles, they can have different variants to choose from and they can be bought as a squadron. Although they are pretty good on their own but squadrons of them is hex! My all time favorite is the Hellhound aka "Hot Dog" (I do mean really hot). Boasting a 12 inch "Magical Flamer" with Str6 Ap4 can't go wrong with flushing units from cover especially Space Marine Scouts which has better cover saves than most units! Another of my favorite is the Devil Dog aka "Melt Puppy" which is armed with a Melta Cannon (Multi-melta with a blast). Not particularly devastating above 12 inches but at melta range (Str4 + 2d6 if the center of blast is not at the hull of the vehicle) is still a force to be reckon with. Devil Dogs are best used in squadrons for the better hit and of course the damage and awesome against infantries too!

I would like to thank the writer of the codex, Robin Cruddace for writing such a wonderful codex that gives all IG players the "LOTSA" factors and make us all like kids in the candy store while reading through the codex. Having so many of the "LOTSA" factors, this make list building tricky but anyway throughout my time with my collection of IGs, I have managed to try the few "LOTSA" where there is always quality in quantity.

The Tardy Painter will showcase his army once again after collecting his thoughts on how to post the pics in the best manner......

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